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The long Summer days & Summer Storms are upon us again

30 Jan The long Summer days & Summer Storms are upon us again

The full force of summer is with us once again and with it the long days, the heat and the threat of summer storms.

Experience has taught us that the summer storms also mean hail and the damage it can cause, especially in Brisbane. Wherever possible, we keep an eye out for hail storms and ensure that our cars and other personal assets are protected. Unfortunately building assets are often forgotten and have to cope with the full brunt of nature’s offerings. The fallout is often costly and leads to time consuming maintenance.

Vulnerable assets such as the outdoor units of air conditioning systems can sustain considerable damage due to hail. Some newer buildings will have hail protection integrated into them from the design level, that provide intrinsic protection. Retrofit systems can be in the form of covering panels and colour-bond roofs, netting and relocating of susceptible equipment but these solutions cannot always be integrated as a cost-effective solution to existing assets.

Vertimax Australia was recently engaged to design and construct a system of protection of the outdoor units of multiple air conditioning systems. The objective was to remove the main brunt of the hails force while still ensuring that the units receive enough airflow and maintain efficiencies. Our design incorporated open mesh that allows free air flow but is also strong enough to break-up hail into fragments small enough to prevent damage to the equipment it is protecting. The system was light weight yet custom designed to the specific asset application. While being manufactured in stainless steel for rust protection the application was cost effective.

On completion of the works our client was so happy with the works we were engaged to complete a second building with the same design and risks.

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