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safety, reliability, performance


Our modernisation services improve the safety, reliability, performance and the presentation of your equipment.

At VERTIMAX Australia, we offer Lift modernisation packages for existing lifts ranging from minor works of new car interiors and operating panels through to complete control systems and drive system upgrades. All packages can be tailored to meet the buildings requirements and Customer budgets.

The VERTIMAX team have many years of experience in completing moving roof modernisation’s and have the in-house skills to project manage the smallest of moving roof modernisation’s to very large and one off projects such as our recent electrical and mechanical roof upgrade at Rod Laver Arena.


Mechanical plant will eventually reach the end of its life expectancy, although it can be extended by having your assets managed not just maintained by a company such as VERTIMAX Australia where we can provide ERP lifecycle management to your equipment to extend the life, saving you thousands in construction and maintenance costs.

Eventually you will need to consider a partial or complete upgrade. Our team can make recommendations according to the condition of your equipment that meets your budget. We can also provide itemised quotations and tender submissions based on your supplied specifications.

We will complete any upgrades of your Elevator and Escalators within time, and budget using our advanced project management software and professional staff with as little disruption to your existing facilities.


Upgrades to your Vertical transport improves your safety, energy efficiency, ride quality and lift performance. Vertical transport systems are designed to move people through out  buildings, safely and efficiently. When Vertical transport system age or the building purpose or floor plans have changed the systems do not operate to their best performance. Every system has a life cycle and an upgrade from VERTILIFTS can reward you with energy efficiency, new safety features, better functionality and performance and extend the life of your VT systems which add value to your overall asset.


First impressions are very important and a building with an out-dated or run-down Elevator interior can detract from the building entry view point. In some circumstances a cosmetic upgrade can make a significant impact which is more often affordable and easily achievable.

At VERTIMAX Australia, we can provide cosmetic upgrades and replace the visual aspects such as buttons, landing indicators and complete car interiors.


As the focus on building owners responsibilities for the people and the contractors that enter their sites are forever increasing. VERTIMAX Australia is well placed to not only undertake a risk assessment of your vertical transportation assets, but also carry out such works.

A review of your assets and exposure of risks is essential to meeting the requirements of the 1995 Plant Regulations which is a stipulated requirement within the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Our assessments take into account AS 1735, which is the Australian Standard for elevators and escalators and are completed in accordance with these Acts, Regulations and Standards. These risk assessments ensure that building owners and managing representatives have completed everything reasonably practicable to keep the users and contractors safe while using and working with your VT plant.

Many issues that are raised range from access to lift motor rooms, access to the lift pits or car tops. Working on the roof of the list cars, shaft lifting and machine guarding to name a few. VERTIMAX Australia has well trained staff to complete all these works in house. This ensures that you are not paying margin upon margin, as most companies will outsource these works.

VERTIMAX Australia will provide you with a variety of options to upgrade your lift and again offer the choice of three service levels; CARE, PLUS, and MAX philosophy so that as the asset owners you can make informed decisions as to where you will most benefit from your investment.