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We Listen and Offer Tailored Solutions


Vertimax Australia can offer tailored solutions to ensure your BMU and Access Installations are compliant to Australian standards and fit for purpose for complete access to your building’s façade. Our experienced project team can design, manufacture and install your BMU along with any other façade access systems and equipment.

The Vertimax team have many years of experience in completing modernisations and new installations. We have the in house skill to design and project manage the smallest of modernizations to substantial one off project such as the moving roof upgrade at Rod Laver Arena worth $7.4M.


All mechanical plant will eventually reach the end of its expectancy and BMU’S are no exception. Although a BMU life can be extended by proactive management and ongoing maintenance more and more clients are seeing the benefits or replacing their existing BMU at the 25-30 year mark.

So whether you are constructing a new building which requires a BMU to gain safe and fit for purpose access to the façade or the original BMU has reached its end of life and the best viable option is to replace it, then Vertimax can assist from concept and geometry studies, through constructability studies and final installation and commission of any new BMU. Through our network of partners that span the globe we can complete all the required access for any new or existing building.


Many BMUs often become hard to source OEM parts due to lack of support by the OEM after the ten year mark, discontinued lines or company closures. It is quite often then, that it is more beneficial to upgrade a BMU to ensure parts can be sourced for the remaining life of the BMU or well into the future. Major upgrades always result in safer and more efficient BMUs with better usability features and service monitoring through the use of HMI units etc. Vertimax has completed many major upgrades to extend the life of a BMU, remove stakeholder frustrations and ensure compliance with the current standards. Should you believe your BMU is due for a major upgrade give the Verti Projects team a call.


As the focus on building owners responsibilities for the people and the contractors that enter their sites are forever increasing. VERTIMAX Australia is well placed to not only undertake a risk assessment of your BMU vertical transportation assets, but also carry out any works the assessment may highlight.

A review of your assets and exposure of risks is essential to meeting the requirements of the 1995 Plant Regulations which is a stipulated requirement within the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Our assessments take into account AS 2550.13 and AS 1418.13, which is the Australian Standard for BMU’s and are completed in accordance with these Acts, Regulations and Standards. These risk assessments ensure that building owners and managing representatives have completed everything reasonably practicable to keep the users and contractors safe while using and working with your BMU plant.

Many skills sets are required for BMU installations riggers, boilermakers, fitters and electricians. VERTIMAX Australia has well trained staff to complete all these works in house.


VERTI Projects can offer the supply and installation of specialised car parking systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently complete project installation works that upholds the quality our manufacturers demand in order to to provide safety, efficiency and comfort to create outstanding products and technical solutions. Our joint purpose is to bring car parking solutions with quality installations.

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